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Payne Farm
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Payne Farm Paris, Kentucky

Beautiful newly renovated farm located in Paris, Kentucky, with a 60 x 60 Indoor Arena, Outdoor Grass riding area, and 30 acres of trails on site. There is also an additional 39 acre property with additional trails easily accesible with a short trailer ride from the main facility.

Serving the equestrian community for over 40 years! Owner Rider Trainer Alana Payne has over 40 years of experience! Alana Payne competed in Medal/Maclay 1986-1988. Trained by Tracey Doolittle, from 1978-1986 personal assistant to Gordon Wright. Continued with Top Trainers throughout junior years. Fox Hunted professionally from 1988-1992 while in college with Golden's Bridge Hounds in North Salem NY. Hunted with Rombout Hunt Hyde Park N.Y. Come out and learn to ride and join the fun!